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    I have a problem that users are violating the rules, but they also help other users in the forum.

    Therefore I do not want to keep them away but only to reduce their reputation, and for that I need a plugin that will give administrators reputation reducing permissions.


  • i want a Trade reputation

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    i want a Trade reputation
    thank you!

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    Yes. I do think it is an important feature. In order to make the forum live, to make more users online for a long time, I think we need to add some interesting features. The most important phenomenon is that most of the users just log-in the forum when they want to ask something, then they leave. A interesting feature should handle this problem. For example, if I want the users can pay the others using their reputation to answer his thread, how can this be done?

  • Reputation plugin

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    Well, @pichalite made the reactions plugin, perhaps that's closer?

  • Trust/Trade reputation

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    The hard thing would be to check if a trade really happened, because otherwise someone can have fake feedbacks.
    Are you using a plugin for trading?