Does using the API increase topic view counts?

  • Hello, i am using the following two API's for a C# app to pull the recent list and get topic votes.. Since releasing the software i have noticed a huge increase in page views...

    Does either of these two APIs in crease the view counts on topics:


    If so, is there anyway to stop it from doing this?


  • Admin

    /api/topic does increase page view

    Hmm, maybe in this hook

    Subtract a pageview from the topic if some value was passed in?

    Ideally, you could create your own api call to send back topic data

  • Thanks.. As an emergency I just removed the topic call (I suspected it was that) every post in the recent list went from a few hundred views to 1k+ in half a day. There aren't enough employees in my department for that many views :). I was only using it to show up votes.. I would have just used the rss feed if I could have but it's hardly includes any information.

    Subtracting from the view counts sounds doable..

    Thanks again.



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