[nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Filtering unwanted content, plus Akismet issue

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    I've noticed a wee problem with Wordpress/blog comments.

    At first I was being hit by a 503 error - which turned out it was Akismet blocking the publishing of a post as it was being flagged as spam in NodeBB. Deactivate that, it's fine.

    The post in question was just a YouTube video.

    You see, when I publish a post, the social sharing links (the exact ones i'm using on Wordpress for now are the Jetpack ones) are also posted in the forum topic.

    Now - is there any way of filtering these out? It will take two minutes to edit the thing, but just wondered if anyone else came across the same.

    Here's the original post: http://www.onlyanexcuse.com/2015/12/21/goals-morton-vs-raith-rovers/#nodebb/comments

    And here's the NodeBB topic for the comments: http://spflforum.com/topic/696/goals-morton-vs-raith-rovers

    What I will do (later) is just remove the social links which have appeared and put the video in there instead, it's not a massive issue, just adds a little more housekeeping when posting things later.

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