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    Any news on web worker progress?

  • The feature is available but disabled, I didn't see any noticeable improvement in page rendering time and there were some bugs on random browsers, so I haven't prioritized it just yet

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    At what level of concurrency was the test conducted? Could not graphic intensive sites be impacted by it being disabled. If enabled what browsers were affected and could the web worker feature be reserved for when a plugin calls upon it? I told that web workers and the clusters nodebb already uses are very similar mechanisms; does the problem lie in HTML5 or?

  • Not sure if I misunderstood your response, but webworkers = client side render optimization; clustering = webserver optimization. Both are mutually exclusive. Maybe we are not on the same page

    EDIT: More importantly, what are you trying to achieve... do you have a plugin that requires WWs or are you talking about NBB's perf in general?

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    One of the devs on our team(Linux) referred to web workers as similar to clustering(but, on the clientside), due to the fact that it is an aggregation of threads. And that, the code in each module is similar in function.; offloading work to numerous threads. Most of the Links he sends me on the topic are from High Scalability.

    High concurrency requires both abilities at the higher end of the scale. I was checking as to the status of the frontend of the equation. It is not that I need them immediately, just that I have an interest in them as the site we are building is graphically intensive and could use any boast it can get on both ends.

    We incorporated this weekend and are physically building servers, to be colocated, for the next two months. I am certainly not in a hurry. 😉

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