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  • Bugs in Quill (NodeBB 1.16.2)

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    Can you offer any feedback to the post above from our tech person?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    There seems to be some kind of mismatch here. I'm watching two categories (General and Development); there's a "1 unread topic" bubble, but when I go to https://community.nodebb.org/unread, I get a "no unread topics" message.

    Probably a very small error somewhere, but worthy of correcting.

    It's gone away on its own after posting this thread -- but it shouldn't have been in that state to begin with, right?

  • Weird bug with usernames

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    Funny story but this bug caused me like half a days worth of trying to find whats wrong. When setting up the nodebb I made an admin with ' in its username. Results were weird to say the least. I could login, but I couldn't actually do anything when I did it, most of the buttons were not working. Basically usernames are sacred for some reason.

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    @julian yes fixed!

  • [Solved] Bug when logging in

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    Ok - at present the underlying websockets library will attempt to connect using websockets first, and failing that, drops down to ajax polling. This is why it takes a couple seconds.

    As long as you eventually get connected, it's okay, although we do realise that it is a problem for some people.