Unsolved [REQUEST] SSDB Connector

  • I successfully was able to use SSDB as a replacement for Redis, however, somehow I am not able to do so with NodeBB.
    Even though I had some success by importing my database to it and then connecting to it, I am not able to make a new install with SSDB and so all future upgrades would fail as well.

    Therefore I was wondering, if someone would be interested to create such a connector.
    The only reason, why the current Redis connector does not work, is that it is requesting a database, which SSDB hasn't (it is instance based).

    For more details check this page:

    Sorry for posting in the wrong section. Please move this topic.

  • It almost sounds like it should be an easy fix. Have you looked into how our dbal works? Could just copy over the src/database/redis/index.js to src/database/ssdb/index.js, make the appropriate changes (ex. Ignore database config), and then change all the db modules (hash, sorted, etc) to point back to the redis files.

    Would be a cool addition if you can figure it out 馃憤

  • Gonna give it a try, right now. Will keep you updated!

    It aborts again with undefined.

  • Hmm, can you get a stack trace on that error?

  • @psychobunny said:

    Hmm, can you get a stack trace on that error?

    Nope - nothing.

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