Is there any plan for group chat?

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  • perfect image for groups

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    @hollosch rather than dimension, I believe image/writing itself is more important. You can move/adjust the picture after you upload it; however how it looks on the desktop will be different from how it looks on mobile.

    Here are the examples from our site:

    on mobile:

    IMG_5766 copy.png

    on desktop:

    Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 2.56.15 PM.png

    I guess you can see the difference...

  • group permissions

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    hey is it possible to make an certain group get an permission like Moderators can lock and delete topics & post and another group can do other stuff?

  • Groups

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    @Ryan-Feng said in Groups:

    Hello, I have some questions/requests.

    Auto-Assign Groups
    What plugin, or setting, would I find for auto-assign groups. Example: when a user gets banned, they will be automatically moved to a group named "Banned".

    You would have to create a plugin to add users to "Banned" group when they get banned.

    System Groups
    How would one change the Group Name of the two system names?

    You wouldn't want to do that. Lot of code is based on those names. Changing them will break things.

  • Chats rooms numbers

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    I think it is best to start room names as "" and display the usernames, if the owner changes the room name then we display that.

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    So I've found the problem.
    on an online server of "mongodb-server" was installed.
    when I changed it into "mongodb-org-server" He has shown the groups.

    So it could be because it is located on the MongoDB.