Seeing if you guys were interested in hooking some angels.

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  • yo yo - so - i'm digging this software big time. i was posting late at night yesterday bc I'm officially obsessed. I have it running hard on nginx and redis - had to drop the varnish config for it - it was getting cached wayyyy to hard with my setup already.

    Anyway my question is about you guys - have you thought about moving into the investment realm yet? or angel list - kickstart etc.? I think you have got something here. Only suggestion is to watch the plugins that are being put out.

    I'd be willing to get a few campaigns going for you guys - (opensource of course) if you want. Let me know.

    I was thinking about using npm to write a few provisioning builds using the plugin dev plugin (that sounded weird as hell) - but was having issues with it - I can totally see one click deploys of like 1000 different stacks/software packages. I'm not a front end guy so I often rely on other people's stuff to build what I want. I wish I was more creative.

    Is the graph on the admin side accurate? I took the server down yesterday because I wanted to map out a perfect deploy for this with nginx and a few other packages. Anyway let me know if you guys are interested in "selling out." Node was just bought for quite a bit and this is definitely (in my opinion) other than ghost - the number 1 reason nodejs and npm are so great.

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