How to display subcategories of subcategories?

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    Hello all, I know my choice of title might sound a bit confusing but let me explain further. Basically, I'm trying to display links to subcategories under a parent category a bit like this:


    Now, after a bit of digging around, I did find a sort of solution to this which resulted in this which is what I want, however not there:


    This is fine except it only works for the topmost parent categories with the code that I've found which I simply inserted in my templates/categories.tpl

    Essentially, I would like to display the links to subcategories of the subcategories (2 deep) of "Exode" and "Eternal Dragon Nest" which I believe should be in the templates/category/subcategory.tpl or templates/categories/item.tpl templates but I am not sure.

    Can anyone enlighten me with their knowledge? πŸ™‚
    Sorry for being such a n00b!

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