Let's have a talk! About NodeBB, of course :)

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    This upcoming wednesday I'll be attending my second Node.js meetup here in Berlin. If anyone wants to join me or will be there anyway, drop me message! 🙂
    But that's not what this is about.

    I've seen NodeBB evolve for about half a year now and it sure has come a long way since. The new ACP e.g. just looks awesome and professional. It instantly reminded me of software like cPanel. I haven't tried the redactor composer yet, but I'm sure there is even more ✨ awesome 💫 to discover.

    So, I'm thinking, it deserves some attention. I'd say "Germany's largest Node.js meetup" is just the place for that.
    I'm not gonna talk about NodeBB in two days, but the next meetup is on Dec, 1st.

    • Is there any veto to that plan from you guys? @baris @julian @psychobunny
      If not,
    • are there any musts you want to see included in such talk?
    • Do you have material like benchmarks, slides, anything that could help out?

    I'm off to bed for now (5am here 😴 ).

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    Cool 🙂 I don't really have any material that's not on this forum already. We did one for the nodejs meet up in Toronto two years ago, but that's when we were just starting up and I'm pretty sure whatever I was talking about is either now outdated or simply BS 😛

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