Is nodebb for us?

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  • Where We Are: We are a motorcycle club, and currently have a really crappy Joomla website (it's just a single static page), and an equally crappy vB5 forum that is plagued with issues.

    Where We Want To Go: Well, vB5 needs to go. On top of that, I want to build a new website utilizing a Wordpress theme called Woffice. Woffice has cool features like Events, Projects, and Wiki built in, so users (with certain role permissions) can post their own content (things like events, projects, and, you guessed it, wiki articles). The Woffice theme also comes with Buddypress to handle the registered users (members) and bbpress for the forum, but neither component is necessary for Woffice to function.

    Where We Want To Go: We'd like to use the Woffice theme because we love having the ability to give members another way to interact on the website other than only via the forum. However, bbpress reeks of 2001 and didn't receive much enthusiasm from the few members that got to use it on a test site. I would love to be able to use nodebb as the forum while also giving members access to the website's frontend (to add their content) with the same username/password.

    Somebody give me some good news!

  • Mixed with

    Should do what you're aiming for.

  • Wow, thank you very much for the prompt reply! I will take a look at those links to see what they're all about.

  • The sso plugin will allow users to log in using the WordPress account.

    The blog comments allows users to post replies to content either on the forum. Or in the comments section of your WordPress site. They sync across both.

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