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  • I have defined a widget area footer fixed like that :

    Added to /nodebb-theme-material/lib/theme.js

    theme.defineWidgetAreas = function(areas, callback) {
    	areas = areas.concat([
    			'name': 'Footer fixed',
    			'template': 'footer-fixed.tpl',
    			'location': 'bottom'
    	callback(null, areas);

    Added to /nodebb-theme-material/plugin.json

    		"hook": "filter:widgets.getAreas", "method": "defineWidgetAreas", "callbacked": true

    created /nodebb-theme-material/templates/footer-fixed.tpl

    <div widget-area="bottom"></div>

    I can see a new widget area and I can put widgets on it.
    But when the page is loaded and check for widget html code by the chrome devlopper tool, I can see nothing 😕

    Any help is welcome 🙂

  • Hey can you issue this on GH instead? Probably a bug but I'll forget (long weekend for thanksgiving in Canada and I'm away for a few days) so please post there so I can look when I get back 🙂

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