Internationalization: admin backend

  • Since there doesn't seem to be a transifex general ticket system other than ones created internally with specific translations, I decided to post here - which comes close, but might not be the most appropriate place; in which case I apologize.

    Regardless, I was thinking it might be a nice time to pick up additional translations, I am doing so locally in a admin.json file of my mother language, Dutch, but I'd also need to do English. Would there be interest in making a new group/file for these translations. Is this something already taking place (I don't think so) or discussed and put on hold for whatever reason, I'd like to learn. Some other location to store the strings was decided (not their own file) or some other thing overlooking please let me know, I'd contribute the work if there is interest for it.



  • It's being worked on at the minute. Just not updated in transifex yet.

    Should be in the next major version.

  • @a_5mith Sweet, I kind of had that aching feeling, so I'll spare the extra work for now and wait for the release. I'll keep an eye out for the transfix update as well, is it supposed to collide (transifex update) with the release? I'd think the first might come a bit before the second, if only for giving translators the time to write something up before the release (unless you guys cook up the baseline translations yourself internally first). Oh well, anyway, thanks for the update !

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