Can posting in a category be restricted without affecting sub-categories?

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  • I'm setting up a proof-of-concept NodeBB installation to replace a small Simple Machines Forum I run. (I'm not worried about importing because we don't have much content.)

    I'm using categories and sub-categories. Is it possible to block posting in a category? For example, I don't want anyone to post a topic directly under "Member Forums", rather they'd go into the appropriate sub-category (like "General Discussion" or "Minecraft") first.

  • Untick "can create" topic and "can post" in the parent. But not in the child categories. Folder permissions don't traverse down from what I remember.

  • I will try that, thanks! I wasn't sure if privileges were inherited or overridden by the settings on parent categories.

  • Kind of hard for me to test as an administrator lol. I can post regardless of settings. I guess it's time for a low-privilege account.

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    The only current milestone on GitHub is 1.13.0, so I'd assume that it will wait for that release.

    If you need it now you can manually modify some NodeBB files:

    in src/middleware/user.js modify line 135 from user.isModeratorOfAnyCategory(req.uid, next);


    user.isAdminOrGlobalMod(req.uid, next); In src/ change line 75 from if (!results.isAdmin && !results.isGlobalMod && !results.isModerator) {


    if (!results.isAdmin && !results.isGlobalMod) { in src/controllers/accounts/helpers.js change line 144 from if (isAdmin || isSelf || ((isGlobalModerator || isModerator) && !results.isTargetAdmin)) {


    if (isAdmin || isSelf || (isGlobalModerator && !results.isTargetAdmin)) {

    That should remove all privileges from category moderators while leaving them for administrators and global moderators.

    I'm really looking forward to 1.13.0 though, as I've not only added two things that will be useful for me (not to mention useful changes by NodeBB staff and other contributors. And the refactor), but also because I use the master branch for my dev enviroment the plugin I'm currently writing uses async/await where 1.12.x doesn't support it yet, so to avoid rewriting it twice I had to use util.promisify to make current callback based functions work like async ones 😄

    EDIT: btw. It seems like 1.13.0 might be close as there are no issues left assigned to this milestone. So while I'm not NodeBB staff and can't tell you when the refactor will be finished and when they think there are enough changes for an update to 1.13 I doubt it's really far away 🙂

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    I wanted to know if there was any known breaks at the moment 🙂 Backup is always needed! I will update my devs first.

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    @julian @pichalite Any idea if this can be done with some CSS around a widget image? I.e., Only displaying an image in a specific category? The closest key I see is:

    <span itemprop="title">Category Title</span>

    But I think we'd have to check that value using the DOM in javascript?

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    @ChaosYamYT This plugin is incompatible with current versions of NodeBB. You could try opening an issue at the Github repo for the plugin, and asking the developer to fix it.

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    I would like to see that plugin too.