Can posting in a category be restricted without affecting sub-categories?

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  • I'm setting up a proof-of-concept NodeBB installation to replace a small Simple Machines Forum I run. (I'm not worried about importing because we don't have much content.)

    I'm using categories and sub-categories. Is it possible to block posting in a category? For example, I don't want anyone to post a topic directly under "Member Forums", rather they'd go into the appropriate sub-category (like "General Discussion" or "Minecraft") first.

  • Untick "can create" topic and "can post" in the parent. But not in the child categories. Folder permissions don't traverse down from what I remember.

  • I will try that, thanks! I wasn't sure if privileges were inherited or overridden by the settings on parent categories.

  • Kind of hard for me to test as an administrator lol. I can post regardless of settings. I guess it's time for a low-privilege account.

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