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  • Hi guys, here's my problem. A while back, I set up a section for my website's football predictor league - which is on a Wordpress install, separate from the forum. So I added three "categories" which link to it - they're basically a bank of three links.

    I used a category as the "parent" - Predictor League.

    Since then, I expanded on how many categories we had for football discussion - adding another two, so we had a category for each football division in Scotland.

    So far, so good. However, after adding the new ones, something strange happened - they seemed to adopt the "Predictor League" category as its "Parent category", despite not being explicitly set in the category's settings page. They were still on display on the main forum index.

    Today, I added a new "parent" category for the four league forums - "SPFL Forums" - and set all four of my league categories to have that as their parent.


    Even before I did though, the new category (SPFL Forums) was also added to the list under "Predictor League".


    The parent categories of the two league categories shown in the above images have the Parent Category set as SPFL Forum, like so:


    Anyone any inkling as to why this is happening?

  • P.S. - have a look at the forum yourselves if i'm confusing folk

    Forum index:
    Predictor League:
    SPFL Forums:

  • @Danny-McWilliams I ran into this problem when trying to drag and drop categories out from here:


    After that category duplicated.

    If you assign a parent through category management then no such problem.


  • Ahh, that's what's happened to me - when the new dashboard came in, I was playing about with it. Still, even with a parent assigned they remain.

    I guess starting a new category for them then doing it the proper way with parent should get rid of it completely.

  • What is the git revision? Also did you try setting/removing/setting the parent again from the category edit page? Does that fix the problem?

    I am seeing this reported a few times so there is probably a bug in the drag&drop category page.

  • Should be fixed in

    To fix the existing categories with dupe parents, just go to /admin/manage/categories/<cid> and remove its parent then add the correct parent. Do this for all the categories that have wrong parent/children relationship.

  • @baris thanks I'll pull it tomorrow from git and fix the categories as you've said. It's not a big problem, more an oddity that occurred - thank you. And I really should raise bugs like this on GitHub!

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