Random totally not important issue.

  • @julian What could've possibly been more important than something that no one else other than me will use?

    @psychobunny that toronto weather getting to you?

  • Admin

    I hate Canadian weather πŸ˜›

    I actually got this to work using the widgets system - embed the script in an HTML widget and place it in the categories.tpl footer area.

    The problem is you have to disable HTML sanitization in the markdown plugin so you can paste <a href="#" rel="item=2828">item</a>

    I'm wondering if maybe building a plugin that creates a new "markdown-like" rule (similar to what this plugin does) for creating tooltips would be a better idea. What format do you think would best, ex. maybe:


  • @psychobunny I think you had the right idea with what you said before like [item name] and just have it render automatically. I don't think any of the extra features, links, etc matter a whole lot.

    But if it needed some sort of syntax was required [%wow](name) would work fine I think.

  • Admin

    Looking at the wowhead documentation, I think I can only do it by item ID

    Thottbot (if you were around from vanilla to early BC you might know of this) was the original database before wowhead existed and they did do their tooltips by item name

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