Notifications and pagination circle

Bug Reports
    1. Weird circle that does nothing present on mobile. Clicking does nothing but give hint:

    2. On that thread European Cookie Bullshit I got loads of notifications. Even ones that were the same text (but different texts obviously). That seems like it could be improved.

    3. Notifications for comments and mentions all marked themselves read on the thread when I viewed it. Upvoted post notifications on the thread all needed individual clicks.

    4. on mobile it is near impossible to distinguish between read and unread notifications.

    5. when you have 10+ notifications on mobile there's no link to view all.

  • Woops. Experimental paginator that I should have removed. The new mobile menu isn't really compatible with it at all

    #4 this has been raised recently, my suggestion was to remove read notifs from the mobile menu, or add a new badge like the chat section does

    #5 might be a different bug. Notifs don't load if you slide to open the menu

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