• Good day guys,

    Could someone tell me when and where a person would see the Welcome notification.

    I have it setup

    0.8.0 Settings / Notifications
    I have a welcome message set
    I have NO notification link set

    My thinking is once someone logs in they should receive a this notification. Am I wrong about this?

  • @tfraley said:

    Am I wrong about this?

    No. Not sure if you need the link though, the box is clickable when it appears. So would take you to a topic, or a page.

  • @a_5mith Thank you, I see it now when I put a link in...

    However, I thought it would be a popup not a small notification..

  • Yeah, the ACP option is badly worded. Should probably be welcome notification. I've had a mild idea that I'm going to run past the head honchos. See if it's doable. 🙂

  • Yhea,

    What I liked to do was lock all categories down until the user have posted in the introductions category section.
    By making the one post will put them into the next group which has more access and can post in other places.

    But I wanted a real welcome popup letting them know they need to post there.. I feel they will miss the little notification if they are new to nodebb

  • You can do this probably via an HTML widget. Would take a bit of coding though, just front end.

    Something like a jquery ajax call to api/user/username to see how many posts the person has: https://community.nodebb.org/api/user/psychobunny

    If post count is 0 then show "Welcome! Please post in (link) etc etc"

    It's basic jquery and I hope you can figure it out - if you do, please post a howto topic 🙂

  • Locking other categories down till you have 1 post is also doable. Check out the rewards tab in ACP. Add the user to group that has privs to post in other categories only if post count >= 1

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