Referencing a template less attribute in a plugin

Plugin Development
  • I'm looking specifically at this pull request.

    The problem: Block Quote style doesn't match the style you'd see in the template.
    Problem additional: Block Quote style may differ from template to template.

    Current solution: A style that is a copy of the style in persona.

    The best solution: A style that references the style in the template.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to do that? Is it even possible? It seems like this will be an ongoing issue.

    I think some of it stems from styles defined in the default less that is provided as part of redactor.

  • Could it be that disabling the entire "content styles" section is the solution to all of this? (sorry I'm not able to run any test environments at the moment as I'm not on my own machines, but am trying to stay on top of the dev of this plugin!)

  • Fixed this by stripping CONTENT STYLES and wrapping the composer in spans for topics, posts, content classes so it inherits.

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