No minified client-side library warning

  • After running node app or ./node start, I get this warning message:

    Warn: No minified client-side library found.

    @baris, @julian, @psychobunny , what should I make of that?

  • I suppose it shouldn't be a winston.warn but a

    Basically means we did not find a pre-existing minified js file, and we will now proceed to minify our JS libs. You should really only see this on a brand new install, if you see this later please let us know. On subsequent loads you should see No changes to client-side libraries -- skipping minification if nothing was modified. I'll make the change right now.

  • @psychobunny

    It is indeed on a brand new install. And if I start the app using sudo node app it will give that warning and stay alive. However, without sudo, it will emit Error: Problem minifying client-side libraries, exiting

    So right now, I'm running it with sudo node app.

  • ah then seemingly you don't have permissions to write the minified script to the public directory

  • @psychobunny

    yup, that's what it was. the nodebb folder was owned by root. Changed it to www-data and it still warns about "No minified client-side library found" but then gives No changes to client-side libraries -- skipping minification

    So all's well on that front.

  • perfect, and I committed the change a bit earlier that changes that warning to just a friendly information message. (idea we need a "mark as resolved" or topic title badge plugin :D)

  • @psychobunny said:

    (idea we need a "mark as resolved" or topic title badge plugin :D)

    Agreed. "mark as resolved" or "topic is closed."

  • well tbh I guess we could start locking threads that are resolved, but I'll leave this open if somebody else has a similar problem etc etc

  • GNU/Linux

    • 1 to that. I am not a fan of locking threads, but instead like in SMF, it shows a notice that " There were no replies in last 120 days. Are you sure you want to post ? "

  • that's an interesting plugin idea

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