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    I'll soon be creating a custom theme and some plugins for a forum that is already in use and I'm thinking about running second instance on beta.forum.url with the new theme and plugins enabled when it's close to being ready (but in need of testing), that I'd like to work with the same database as the main forum - so that users can just use beta if they want to preview new features while still using the same forum as others.

    Now, I know that the list of themes/plugins enabled is stored in database, so I'd probably need to do something about that, but is there anything else that would stop me from running two instances with a bit different configs off one database? Some sync issue with posts/topics or something like that?

    EDIT: actually, since I might as well help others, would it be a good idea to add an option to add some instance identifier to db plugin entries to core? Perhaps in config.json? So that if it's set NodeBB would look for plugins:<instance>:active for example.

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    @julian that's too bad. Will you pay me then 😛

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    Question: Can each topic have cover image to look topic list page like image gallery?

    I'm not sure if I explained properly but I really wanna use this feature.
    I think it's possible but I'm not sure if I can do this by myself lol

    What I'm saying is that it's normally list of topic subject Text Only when you click any forum categories.
    But it will be much better if topic list showing with each topic cover image(preview image), for example, for viral photo categories.
    Just like pinterest grid layout.

    Can I know if this feature is easy to implement?
    And can anyone possibly show this feature if already using on your forum?

    skype: geekevtop

    Also looking for developers who can help me forum modifications.

  • December Reading List!

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    @aixnr I'm currently reading 'A History of the Internet and the Digital Future' by Johnny Ryan

    Great read so far...

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    @Technowix saw that before. NodeBB already broke through few stuffs, for example, multi-cpu support (because by default, NodeJS is single-thread, hence it works best on single core CPU setup). Maybe we have to wait a bit more for combo DB engine setup. Maybe @psychobunny has a say on this?