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    I want to change email message. I want to add my custom message. How I do that also I want to edit notif_chat.tpl file. I want add user profile image into chat email notification. How I do that?

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    @Imgbi as of now I have no time to do that. But I could do this later though.

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    I wanted to debug some code I had written in my plugin and did a quick search to see if I could create a Node.js REPL that would function in the context of my plugin. It turned out to be quite simple to do.

    Just add this to your plugin's static:app.load method:

    setTimeout(function() { console.log("About to start REPL"); var repl = require("repl"); var util = require('util'); var replServer = repl.start({ prompt: "swf-cms> ", breakEvalOnSigint: true, ignoreUndefined: true, useGlobal: true, useColors: true }); var context = replServer.context; context.require = require; context.module = module; context.context = util.inspect(replServer.context, {depth: 0}); }, 3000);

    You'll want to wrap this in something to prevent it from running outside of dev mode. Also, load up the context object with anything that you want to be conveniently available in the REPL. FYI, I used the setTimeout to give Nodebb a chance to finish loading before it gives you the prompt.

    Have fun.

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    @dunlix Ah, see what you mean. I personally won't be trying this in case it crashes my production site, but may attempt this in dev.

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    Post the blog comments config from ACP please?

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    @Jenkler said:

    when to use ./ and when not to?

    To answer your earlier inquiry... in general it should be safe to use both. When paths are passed in plugin configs, we run them through path.join to remove relative relations and double slashes, etc. In all cases (exceptions are bugs), the path should be relative from the plugin directory itself.