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  • I'm writing a simple widget to show the status of any Source Server Query (SSQ) enabled server.
    Right now the plugin is really simple but I aim to implement new features soon.


    • Show server name
    • Show number of logged players and max players supported
    • Show list of players and their play time
    • Show a message when the server is down



    Any feedback is welcome!

  • You might have forgotten to post the link? Can't give feedback without seeing it. 🙂

  • @Fez-Vrasta
    hey there buddy,

    first i have to thank you for that useful widget.
    in your features list it says "show a message when the server is down"
    well, i implemented the widget in the global sidebar.
    But when our arma3 server is down or going to restart, the website is not able to load completly. it tries to reach the server which seem to be unreachable and does not jump into some kind of timeout.
    since i am far away from beeing able to fix that, i would like to ask if you have any idea where i should take a look at.

    thanks and regards,

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