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  • private msg rate limiting

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    Yes, there is a config setting that limits the rate at which chat messages can be sent.

  • General idea about scaling out

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    @Giggiux said in General idea about scaling out:

    @scottalanmiller I would like to scale out for two reasons:

    two single vCore VPS are much cheaper than a single two core VPS. I'd like to have auto-scaling at a certain point 😄

    But I'm not even close to your numbers. At the moment I cannot handle more than 30 perfectly simultaneous connections without giving a lot of 503:

    0_1486903957973_Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 1.52.21 PM.png
    (users are 50 at maximum, hits/s 25)

    If it's not a big problem can you tell me what your configuration is?

    Using a shared hard drive is cheaper than S3 ^^'. Unluckily I cannot afford performant/nice stuff all the year since there are months that my site have 50k views/day, others that have 2k. Adsense doesn't make me earn enough ^^'

    And do you use the free CloudFlare plan?

    We use Linode and have an 8GB RAM plan. No way to scale out and be as fast or cost effective.

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    No need to use the asset manager anymore I think... you can just use /admin/manage/uploads

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    Agreed, done and fixed in vanilla/persona (and by extension, lavender).

  • Idea: reply to the reply.

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    @baris why is a copy of the inline reply duplicated in the main thread?