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  • From what I can see nodeBB is the platform best suited for my needs (replacement to Facebook groups for a 100 user community). I got a VPS account with DigitalOcean and have been trying to install nodeBB using these two guides:

    I've tried following either one, choosing 64bit or 32bit, mixing steps from both of them... Haven't gotten it to work yet. I'm an OS X user, so I'm familiar with terminal, sudo, etc. Can't say I'm too familiar with anything but the basics of git and repository based app management in Ubuntu.

    Can someone help walk me through the installation? I essentially would need it set up so that all the possible functions of nodeBB will work without requiring any more funky terminal stuff, so maybe installation of an FTP server and such for remote file management would be necessary.

    An additional concern is that I currently have the domain name I want to use registered with myBBWebHost and set up with a myBB forum. While I am fairly certain I want to use nodeBB instead, I would like to be able to check it out and make sure it's what I want before I take down the current setup, so I need to be sure it'll be possible to transition from an IP based setup to a domain once I have nodeBB up and running.

  • Basically, someone refer me to a good up to date guide for 14.01 x64 and I'll try to follow it and post any issues I encounter.

  • I've installed NodeBB on my DO VPS recently.

    The guide was enough to get me through and have it working.

    At what part are you stuck at?

  • Forgot to update. Got it to work finally, I ended up using 15.01 x64. I was getting misc errors, but it worked that time around, because of using 15.01 vs 14.01 or something else IDK.

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