Webtorrent: WebRTC-enabled browser-to-browser updates in real-time for NodeBB

Plugin Requests
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    A plugin utilizing WebRTC would enable NodeBB and other plugin to leverage to browser-to-browser communication and updating that fits very closely with the realtime aspects of NodeBB. Whatsmore, though, the javascript would enable the users to download any pictures on the page from not only the serverside but from each other.

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    I feel as though it should be noted, for those unfamiliar with webtorrent, it is entirely disconnected from the main bitorrent swarm as it is incompatible. It would, though, make for an internal CDN between the users/peers. The jaavscript would be a plugin on the server, but then also as javascript on the page loaded into the clients browser giving the ability to share the content on the page browser-to-browser.

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