• Hi guys,

    I'm newbie to the Nodebb and currently I'm trying to play around with creating a new theme.
    I've downloaded the repo from Quickstart theme.
    I've added the nodebb-them-quickstart folder to the node_modules folder.
    When I go to the admin page and load all the available themes, my new theme is listed under the installed themes.
    After selecting it, it says that I should restart NodeBB to fully activate the selected theme.
    After I do that and after I refresh admin page, I'm in situation where previously active them is still the active one.
    In other words new custom theme is not activated.
    This is the case with every theme I made.
    But when I switch to the nodebb-theme-lavander, everything goes fine.
    I'm really struggling to make this happen with my own custom theme.
    I would be very thankful if some would tell me what is going on.

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