How I get cookie in standard plugin hook nodebb?

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    I don't think so, unfortunately -- you'll have to make the initial call to get the topic, and then subsequent calls to grab the raw markdown. I don't think we'll be adding a way to retrieve the raw markdown at the topic level because we wouldn't have any use for it.

  • Problem installing nodebb

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    Is there a reason that you are using Plesk? Tools like that generally make support and management vastly more difficult. Something like a NodeBB install is so easy, but Plesk can make it so hard for no reason.

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    Thanks for the amazing forum platform.

    I am currently working on the Laravel website with forum as a part of the website, and I have chosen nodebb as forum platform. I am really new to SSO, and I don’t have much knowledge about node.js, and even mongo database. And I am not English, so if there is anything I am not really explaining well, please let me know.

    Firstly, I am not sure what I want to achieve is possible. Ideally, after Laravel website (localhost:8000) user login, then clicked the forum link (nodebb – localhost:4567), then nodebb could login the Laravel user without login confirmation. The situation sounds like, I have already login with google account, when I try to login, nodebb community won’t ask me the login confirmation to login. I am not sure whether it is able to achieve, because it means a website user try to login another website without providing any information, even a token.

    Secondly, in another case, it could be that a Laravel user login nodebb forum, and give auth to nodebb forum, then the user can login nodebb forum with Laravel user details. I have done a bit of research online, I think that I should expose my nodebb application to OAuth2orize ( I have installed the OAuth2orize by running npm install oauth2orize, but after that I don’t know what else I should do, it said to create a OAuth server, but I have no idea where I should create this server, or where I could register grants, and do I need to do anything with Laravel site?

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    @qgp9 said:

    No documentations yet, but soon

    I have done this 🙂

    NodeBB with Docker full chain ( nginx, redis, mongodb )

    I would like to introduce what I have done with a NodeBB and a docker. This docker chain of Nginx, NodeBB, Redis, ...


    NodeBB Community (

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