Still one day to join NodeJS Developer Smackdown

General Discussion
  • In WIP we’re reaching developers around the world to invite them to a webinar called Developer Smackdown!. It’s a contest where developers battle each other answering questions, showing code and debating about the things you know and love. The format is a half hour Google Hangout, agilely moderated by us with a very cool prize for the winner; the one who rises to the top of the 3 or 4 brave contestants.

    NodeJS chapter will be next Wednesday April 29th at 18h UTC+1 and the topic will be: NodeJS That’s why I’m addressing you.
    we’re looking for contestants, still need one more!

    If you want to find out more: or just mail me if you have any question. So, do you want to share with us some knowledge and have some fun?


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