Want to customize composer and really need your advice

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    I am planning writing a plugin that can customize the composer due to our applications need.

    The thing I am trying to do is splitting the main composer to two parts: content and reference and store them separately for search purpose, since our forum is related to some research topics so we need to make sure that users are aware that they need to fill that part.

    I really appreciate if anyone familiar with the composer may tell me which module might be affected in this case, especially I really care much about the modules related to search functionality. It is kind of complicate since this is the core functionality of nodebb and there are so many related modules. I am still digging around the code to see how things got wired up and hopefully I can get some helps from you.

    If I am not on the right track or you may have some better ideas around this topic, just feel free to tell me. Thanks so much!

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    I would start by checking how tags system is implemented. They probably can be easily disabled or modified for other purpose.

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