Deleted Post/Topic still visible

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  • Hi,
    Playing with this great peace of WebWare... 😉
    Hat some hard Times to install it (Debian, wrong Versions etc.) but now its runnin.. ;))

    As to my Problem:

    Deleted the first post, then purge it... but it is still visible!!
    Read all about Soft delete, but this is different, cause it's not displaying with Opacity=0.3, it looks like a normal entry...

    You can see it here:

    The first Topic with the green lady is deleted...

    Not sure if I did something wrong... 😉

    appreciate any help, ThX 😉

  • You only deleted the post. Not the topic. Go to topic tools and delete there and purge. Latest experimental supports auto deleting topic if you delete the only post in the topic. But I wouldn't run it in production. (I do but I live life on the edge)

  • ARGH!!! 😁
    ThX, a_5mith... I knew, that it was my bad... 😆

    I had excluded the topic tools button with CSS3 (Display:none), because I thought I'll wouldn't need it... until now... 😆 😆

    Thanks again... 😉

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