• I'm having some trouble getting https://community.nodebb.org/topic/2333/custom-header to work. I'd like to be able to put a custom banner image on top for one of my categories. Is this possible?

    For example, domain.com/category/3/name would have a distinct banner image that's visible once you click into the category.

  • Bump. Anybody?

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    Keen on this idea also, maybe integrated into the HTML Widget in Extend > Widget as a 'only show on category no#' would be totally sweet, as I don't think you can do that on that widget yet, but on some of the Widgets you can (i think).

    You could stuff anything in it then and have it appear on individual pages 🙂

    @Guiri - Custom Header is just for changing the background-image's in whatever css div/class you specify in it's ACP config

    not really used for implanting code, but I guess you could use it that way , with a banner (?) just use a HTML Widget and create a css class="someclass" for it, then put that in the custom-header ACP config. But it would be working on either every 'category' or every 'topic' not just one individual category.

    Oh probably should add you need to drag the 'Well' Panel, but add another class="another class" <-- use this in the ACP custom-header config. Also adding a style="height:250px;" .. or whatever you desire wouldn't hurt also 😄

  • @baris I'd like to add a PayPal bounty for this feature if any of you guys want to add it to 0.7. @Codejet Care to add to the bounty as well?

  • Bumping as this is something we'd be interested in as well, and willing to add to any bounty for 🙂

  • Yep, I'd like to have this option too.

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    Same here. It'd be possible with a header widget for every category.

  • Any ideas how to realize it ?

  • Is there any way i can do it with custom CSS ?

  • @julian @pichalite Any idea if this can be done with some CSS around a widget image? I.e., Only displaying an image in a specific category? The closest key I see is:

    <span itemprop="title">Category Title</span>

    But I think we'd have to check that value using the DOM in javascript?

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