Trouble installing NodeBB on OpenShift PaaS

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    @sharonyue to remove the panel you have to edit the template.

    I do not know exactly where it is but it should something with topic template.

    Maybe here:

    <div class="topic-header"> <h1 component="post/header" class="" itemprop="name"> <span class="topic-title" component="topic/title"> <span component="topic/labels"> <i component="topic/pinned" class="fa fa-thumb-tack <!-- IF !pinned -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !pinned -->" title="{{{ if !pinExpiry }}}[[topic:pinned]]{{{ else }}}[[topic:pinned-with-expiry, {pinExpiryISO}]]{{{ end }}}"></i> <i component="topic/locked" class="fa fa-lock <!-- IF !locked -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !locked -->" title="[[topic:locked]]"></i> <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right <!-- IF !oldCid -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !oldCid -->" title="{{{ if privileges.isAdminOrMod }}}[[topic:moved-from, {}]]{{{ else }}}[[topic:moved]]{{{ end }}}"></i> {{{each icons}}}{@value}{{{end}}} </span> {title} </span> </h1> <div class="topic-info clearfix"> <div class="category-item inline-block"> {{{ if category.icon }}} <div role="presentation" class="icon pull-left" style="{{{ if category.bgColor }}}background-color: {category.bgColor};{{{end}}}; {{{ if category.color}}}color: {category.color};{{{end}}}"> <i class="fa fa-fw {category.icon}"></i> </div> {{{ end }}} <a href="{config.relative_path}/category/{category.slug}">{}</a> </div> <div class="tags tag-list inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div> <div class="inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/stats.tpl --> </div> {{{ if !feeds:disableRSS }}} {{{ if rssFeedUrl }}}<a class="hidden-xs" target="_blank" href="{rssFeedUrl}"><i class="fa fa-rss-square"></i></a>{{{ end }}} {{{ end }}} <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/browsing-users.tpl --> <!-- IMPORT partials/post_bar.tpl --> </div> </div>
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    Hello @administrators

    Global Sidebar is coming below the global footer.

    actually it should come like Below the sidebar content footer should come.

    Mobile Screen. Footer content is Coming First and Sidebar Content Coming Next
    Screenshot from 2020-06-05 20-29-49.png
    Footer Contents in Computer Screen
    Also See Footer Content is Not Exactly in Middle when i add sidebar widgets
    Screenshot from 2020-06-05 20-29-31.png
    Sidebar Contents in Computer Screen
    Screenshot from 2020-06-05 20-29-28.png

    I think Some Bootstrap Layout issue if Bootstrap is Used.
    This issue only if i use Global Widget
    Please Consider it and Fix in Next Update

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    Comparing 1736b1c015b956e8ae9223e4f7bf24cc4dbe612d...v1.x.x · NodeBB/NodeBB

    Node.js based forum software built for the modern web - Comparing 1736b1c015b956e8ae9223e4f7bf24cc4dbe612d...v1.x.x · NodeBB/NodeBB


    GitHub (

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    Well, damn. Didnt know that.

    Okay, Thanks for your phenomenal help, @pichalite.

    Gonna mess around with this proxying and nginx a bit now that everything is moving forward again.

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    @riotshielder Looks like NodeBB isn't playing nicely with your subfolder install. Can you try installing it on a subdomain, like