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  • I am trying to migrate a huge WordPress community to NBB instance. But issue is it is not working properly. In digitalocean, after proper installation (I followed all the tutorials) it says "server is not responding". I am trying to use a special domain like .club for NBB. But when I try to install NBB with a .com or .net domain, it is working properly. Can someone clarify this issue? 😏

    Also are there any paid themes available for NBB? Majestic V4 is not on sale any more.

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  • How to get uid from @userslug?

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    @baris very thanks
    This is the JS code I write for new chat with users, thanks to the help you give me

    require(['autocomplete'], autocomplete => { var modal = bootbox.dialog({ title: '[[flags:start-new-chat]]<i class="fa fa-comments-o" style="margin: 0 7px;"></i>', message: '<input class="form-control input-lg" placeholder="[[user:username]]">', buttons: { cancel: { label: '[[modules:bootbox.cancel]]', className: 'btn-default', callback: () => modal.modal('hide') }, ok: { label: '[[modules:bootbox.ok]]', className: 'btn-primary', callback: () => false } }, onEscape: true, backdrop: true, show: true }); modal.on('', () => { var inputEl = modal.find('input'); inputEl.focus(); autocomplete.user(inputEl); modal.find('.btn-primary').click(() => { utils.isUserNameValid(inputEl.val()) ? require(['slugify'], slugify => $.getJSON(`/api/user/${slugify(inputEl.val())}`, data => { app.newChat(data.uid); if (app.user.uid != data.uid) modal.modal('hide'); }).catch(() => app.alertError('[[error:no-user]]')) ) : app.alertError('[[error:invalid-username]]') }); }); });
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    You can't get the current user data without their uid. If you have access to the express req object you can grab it with req.uid or if it is a socket call then its socket.uid. The value of uid is 0 if the user is not logged in.

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    @julian Yeah they're based in the Netherlands, he's also my most useful member, posts a lot of mixes for people to download etc. Hopefully fingers are pulled out of orifices and this gets merged. 😆


    The only issue is the redis adapter doesn't clean up


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    @dibu Yes, most likely would look into cluster module first before rolling my own solution 🙂

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    @julian you are correct. Once again thank you for all the help on the IRC. I just got my forward set up. Getting everything geared up to announce to my community of followers that we are ready for registration.