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  • Hi,

    Guest users can Reply / Comment to Topics, and such responses show up as "Guest" in the rendered UI.

    We want to customize this user experience such that, when unregistered users share their Replies and Comments, a UI overlay should pop-up prompting Name & Email Address. Then this Name which gets inputted should be displayed in place of "Guest".

    Based of the response we received via your support, seems like this feature was supported in versions prior to 0.6.0, but is not supported in 0.6.0. We need this feature to be able to consider NodeBB, so what is the ETA for this feature to be available as part of this release ?

    So any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @akumbhare This can be done in latest versions.

    It's under Settings > Guest. Just tick allow guest handles. It doesn't ask for an email, just a username.

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