how to creating post via nodebb apis?

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    @omega well, there are rules to follow...

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    @sweetp yes, that's a good idea, we'll get one scheduled soon 🙂

  • get all post

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    Need to get all post in forum downloaded.. is there a way ?

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    @pichalite thanks man 👍

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    Heheh... no best practices as of yet, but that is the appeal of NodeBB. I (and I think the other admins and reps share our vision on this) really wanted NodeBB to be a "pick and choose" system to allow you to build a system you want to build, instead of what some other entity has decided.

    I liken it to buying a computer. You could save time (and maybe money) by taking something off-the-shelf that a big box manufacturer as put together, or you could build the computer you want by picking the parts and assembling them together yourself.

    As for best practices -- Node is really all about division of responsibility. Don't do things unless you absolutely have to do them, that sort of thing.

    This is why:

    Search is handled by Solr plugin Avatars are handled by Gravatar Emails are handled by Mandrill Image uploads are handled by Imgur