plugin Emailer (local ), the Meta.config values are 'undefined'

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  • I am using the nodeBB Emailer plugin
    In the admin settings page I have configured the SMTP server details but when I try to send a test emails it fails ...

    the index.js file under nodebb-plugin-emailer-local/ folder seems to get this value from the Meta.config objects .. but it seems that Meta.config['emailer:local:host'] returns undefined

    When I clicked on the ACP -> Installed Plugin -> Emailer (local) page it shows the value that I have entered before. Found out that its stored in the DB (I am using Redis) with key name "settings:emailer-local" .. Doing a "hgetall settings:emailer-local" commands returns the correct values.

    What am I doing wrong here ?? Can't seem to figure out how the values are expected to be loaded by the Meta.config object. Any clue would be highly appreciated.

    Below are the values received from the Meta.config object

    "title": "NodeBB",
    "showSiteTitle": "1",
    "postDelay": "10",
    "initialPostDelay": "10",
    "minimumPostLength": "8",
    "allowGuestSearching": "0",
    "allowTopicsThumbnail": "0",
    "allowRegistration": "1",
    "allowLocalLogin": "1",
    "allowAccountDelete": "1",
    "allowFileUploads": "0",
    "maximumFileSize": "2048",
    "minimumTitleLength": "3",
    "maximumTitleLength": "255",
    "minimumUsernameLength": "2",
    "maximumUsernameLength": "16",
    "minimumPasswordLength": "6",
    "maximumSignatureLength": "255",
    "maximumProfileImageSize": "256",
    "profileImageDimension": "128",
    "requireEmailConfirmation": "0",
    "theme:type": "local",
    "theme:id": "nodebb-theme-lavender"
    "theme:staticDir": "",
    "theme:templates": "",
    "theme:src": "",
    "loggerStatus": "0",
    "loggerIOStatus": "1",
    "loggerPath": "",
    "version": "0.5.7"

    @BarveyHirdman any though on this please

  • meta.config contains settings from NodeBB itself. Plugins retrieve their own settings via the settings module on the client side.
    pls reference:

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