while startup, error: [meta/js] Could not compile client-side scripts! undefined, this error comes

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  • Hello Sir,
    First of all, Merry Chrismas to all..
    when i start NodeBB via start and restart command , this error comes in log file
    "error: [meta/js] Could not compile client-side scripts! undefined "
    also at the login time, it opens new tab with this url "http://ask.enablemyteam.com/login" and nothing happens..

    but when we run NodeBB in dev mode, no error comes and everything works fine, but this is not a solution..
    please help me out..
    we have modified some Login and register code in these threee files: 1> public/src/client/register.js, src/user.js , src/routes/authentication.js

    shikha tyagi

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