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    I would love to hear perspectives on the pros and cons of banning vs deleting spam accounts.

    As a newbie, I am confused on this subject.

  • how to use own smiley pack

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    @julian said in how to use own smiley pack:

    You'll probably want to check out how emoji packs are installed... but I do believe emoji-extended supports custom uploaded emoji.

    @frissdiegurke ?

    It's pretty much what @TaLoche said. emoji-static plugin in addition to emoji-extended. This allows you to specify custom emoji sets that need to be activated within emoji-extended plugin page.

    Since @MJ upvoted that post, is the question solved for you?

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    @psychobunny said:

    I do want to see the code for this, not that I'm planning to blatantly copy, but sometimes it's good to take the best ideas and run with it and improve. That system sounds great. The nbb team have worked with drupal many years ago and I don't recall that spam detection code, must be new?

    It's actually a custom system I put together using Flags, Userpoints, and Rules. I'd be more than happy to share the code except for there isn't any. 😃 It was all point-n-click created in the interfaces of those three modules. And just as well, because I'm a pretty bad coder. 😛 That's definitely a nice perk about using Drupal, it's extremely flexible and relatively easy for non-coders to tweak to their needs. But @psychobunny if you want to copy the idea in NodeBB please feel free and go right ahead, that's why I made this post.

    @psychobunny said:

    I'd add one more criteria, if a post is accepted communally as spam, you get your flag quota back (because that validates your original flag)

    Great idea.

    @henrywright said:

    #6 Users that have been registered for longer than Y days can not be locked out.

    "&& have published n number of non-spam posts."

    Adding that condition might solve the problem pointed out by @psychobunny here.

    Also a great idea.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for all the replies and interest.

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    @Mega as @Schamper said, I only discovered this last week, so we use require.parent.parent/etc for everything, but require.main works just as well.

    Keep in mind require.main's "scope" is app.js, so you'd have to do require.main.require('./src/groups.js'); if you want access to the groups lib.

    require.main will always be app.js for plugins, since plugins are only called by NodeBB.

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    @xbenjii Brilliant! Thanks 🙂