npm ERR! extraneous: [email protected]

NodeBB Development
  • After checking out v0.5.x

    waterloo:NodeBB vlad$ npm ll

    npm ERR! extraneous: [email protected] /Users/vlad/workspace/nodebb/0.5.7/NodeBB/node_modules/redis
    npm ERR! extraneous: [email protected] /Users/vlad/workspace/nodebb/0.5.7/NodeBB/node_modules/connect-redis
    npm ERR! extraneous: [email protected] /Users/vlad/workspace/nodebb/0.5.7/NodeBB/node_modules/redis
    npm ERR! not ok code 0

    SHouldn't redis package be an explicit dependency?

  • No, redis is only installed if you set it to use redis in setup.

  • @dwn Maybe that is the problem. I copied config.json from another workspace instead of running ./nodebb setup

  • @Baerrus the setup is what installs redis or mongo db, so yeah. You'll need to delete config.json and start at the setup command. 👍

  • I got it, now that I understand what installs redis.

    The way I upgrade is I create a brand new workspace, install a new version of nodebb, copy over the config.json. I think that makes sense in real deployment scenario versus executing "git pull" in place. This way I retain a fully functional prior version installation I can fall back to in a instant should something fail with a new version.

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