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  • Hi guys, newbie here. I have installed NodeBB and have encountered a slight problem with uploading avatars - NodeBB is following the wrong path, likely because of an error I made installing the forum.

    My server install was a one-click Ghost blog setup on DigitalOcean, from which I used the BurnAfterCompiling guide to install NodeBB. Most things went well; though I installed NodeBB in /forum/forum by accident. I simply moved the files into their parent folder.

    However, this has caused a problem when I attempt to upload a user image; when I do so it appears to upload successfully. I checked the path to the image immediately after it was uploaded, and it is at /forum/uploads/profile/1-profileimg.jpg?1418895235162

    When you navigate away from your profile page, the image appears broken. Checking the path to the image shows NodeBB is trying to access: /forum/forum/uploads/profile/1-profileimg.jpg

    Obviously, NodeBB is attempting to access the /forum/forum/ path defined during install, but I'm lost as to where I could edit that to resolve the problem.

    I'm a complete newbie to Node, but have no problem getting my hands dirty. 👍

  • Nodebb forum, config.json should do it. Might be an entry called uploads.

  • That's the one - wasn't an entry there, and added

    "upload_path": "/public/uploads",

    I saw this elsewhere on the forum, and couldn't get it to work. Probably made a typo or something, but tried again and it works fine. Thanks @a_5mith 🙂

  • That's the one, I was on my iPad, so couldn't elaborate much more at the time. Good to see you got it sorted though. 👍

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