• I am not sure how many of you are readers here, but I hope I am not alone! Let's set a goal what book(s) you want to finish this upcoming December. Wait. Finishing a book is a daunting process. Let me rephrase.

    Let's set a goal what book(s) you want to start this upcoming December, and then another goal when you expect to finish it. I just ordered a book from Amazon, Regression to the Mean (another one is for my friend, a birthday gift).

    Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 1.39.08 PM.png

    p/s: I got few more books actually. "The Alchemist: Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire" and also "Franz Kafka - Metamorphosis and Other Short Stories". Reading, in all actuality, is a daunting process... especially the microbiology textbook 😛

  • @aixnr Unfortunately I don't read a lot of books, if I do, it's blog posts on Medium, or discussions on ycombinator or reddit etc. I prefer autobiographies to fiction. I don't get the same "escapism" from reading fiction. Maybe I'm just dull. 😆

  • @a_5mith blog post on Medium? We can actually start there too if you prefer. Set a goal how many articles on Medium you want to read next month, and list all the articles that you've read. FYI, I keep a reading list on GitHub.

  • @Technowix not quite there yet, but I've heard comments (and spoilers) about Metamorphosis. A weird story, they say. And so far I enjoy reading Kafka's.


  • @aixnr I'm currently reading 'A History of the Internet and the Digital Future' by Johnny Ryan

    Great read so far...

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