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  • Hi,
    it would be great if we could display maths with LaTeX syntax with the help of a plugin. I think mathjax would be the right tool to use.
    I tried some little hacks with like just embedding Mathjax.js in the header, but it slows down page loading pretty much: this is especially annoying on mobiles. Moreover, the math-formulas are most of the time not evaluated and one needs to reload the page to see them.

    So maybe one could load the script only if a post in the page contains LaTeX text, or disable it on mobiles... I tried to use the filter:scripts.get hook in a plugin, but I'm not fluent in javascript so I didn't manage to get it working.

    Anyone else interested in this feature or in the plugin development?

  • Hi, I just published a plugin that parse tex code using katex, his name is nodebb-plugin-katex if you want to give it a try. Feedbacks are welcome.

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