How can I set the default notification setting for new users of my forum?

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  • By default all email notifications are off for the new users that join my forum. But I want to set default behaviour to daily digest. It makes sense in our case because we are a small community and we are moving from a mailing list to the forum. So members will be used to getting email updates.
    How can I enable some of the notification options by default? Specially I want the daily digest to be on.

  • gh#2398

    Be sure to read up on your local laws regarding sending this type of email. Information regarding users accounts should be fine, upselling topics may be considered spam. This is why it's strictly opt in by default. Better safe than sued.

  • @a_5mith I would agree in most cases it should be opt-in. But the community I am running is local and they already got tick skin when it comes to email because currently we manage our communication via a mailing list. But perhaps I should add a not in the sign up agreement that "by signing up you agree to receive emails from us" or something like that, to be safe.

    thanks for the link to the github issue, I'll keep an eye on that.

    I guess as a workaround I could go in and configure user profiles by one. Tedius, but I guess it will work.

  • @arasbm said:

    But perhaps I should add a not in the sign up agreement that "by signing up you agree to receive emails from us" or something like that, to be safe.

    If you're in the EU, this wouldn't constitute as opt-in. The EU states that a user must specifically click a button that states "I want to receive these emails". Unless it's regarding their account. So, if the daily digest included notifications, it would be fine, but if it was just new topics, I'm not so sure. It should be fine either way, as you've said.

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    The only current milestone on GitHub is 1.13.0, so I'd assume that it will wait for that release.

    If you need it now you can manually modify some NodeBB files:

    in src/middleware/user.js modify line 135 from user.isModeratorOfAnyCategory(req.uid, next);


    user.isAdminOrGlobalMod(req.uid, next); In src/ change line 75 from if (!results.isAdmin && !results.isGlobalMod && !results.isModerator) {


    if (!results.isAdmin && !results.isGlobalMod) { in src/controllers/accounts/helpers.js change line 144 from if (isAdmin || isSelf || ((isGlobalModerator || isModerator) && !results.isTargetAdmin)) {


    if (isAdmin || isSelf || (isGlobalModerator && !results.isTargetAdmin)) {

    That should remove all privileges from category moderators while leaving them for administrators and global moderators.

    I'm really looking forward to 1.13.0 though, as I've not only added two things that will be useful for me (not to mention useful changes by NodeBB staff and other contributors. And the refactor), but also because I use the master branch for my dev enviroment the plugin I'm currently writing uses async/await where 1.12.x doesn't support it yet, so to avoid rewriting it twice I had to use util.promisify to make current callback based functions work like async ones 😄

    EDIT: btw. It seems like 1.13.0 might be close as there are no issues left assigned to this milestone. So while I'm not NodeBB staff and can't tell you when the refactor will be finished and when they think there are enough changes for an update to 1.13 I doubt it's really far away 🙂

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    Admin > (SETTINGS) User > Default User Settings


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    I'm sure its possible.
    There's a Q&A plugin, rewards system, etc to make all of this happen.

  • ACP: Current User

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    app.user doesn't work?

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    Unread on top:


    Thus, the user will never lose unread alert throughout the list.