Is it possible to automatically update NodeBB installation from a github repo?

NodeBB Development
  • @superjd10_ and I where discussing the idea of setting up an automatic workflow were we could update a github repo and it will automatically get pulled and loaded in our NodeBB installation. I was wondering if anyone here has setup such system, and if so, can you explain how you did it? Here are some questions to get started:

    • should we handle core and theme separately?
    • what about plugins?
    • is this safe to do?

    Again the idea is to push a change to a repository on github and have the installation automatically update itself to reflect that. I think we also need to reload NodeBB after each change. I think this would definitely be useful for development, but is it recommended for production?

  • @ arasbm:

    There's some work being done to dockerize the install. If that doesn't do the trick for you, I expect some of the same automation will.

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