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  • So I've had an interesting request made of me by the folks upstream ( yeah, lots on that plate already ) of me.

    The forums will be supporting a game that has a master account and multiple "personality" profiles. They would like the account holders to post distinctly from a particular personality without it being a distinct login.

    Since I'm expecting to build our own auth mod, this seems mostly doable up to the point I get to storing that information in the posts.

    Is storing additional fields on a topic post something I can pull off with a plugin or am I going to have to do something lower level?

  • Yeah I would hook into the and action:topic.edit hooks. At that point you would just make a simple call to add extra info to the topic hash (or preferably in a separate key unique to your plugin, ex. myplugin:tid:9:key).

    BTW, hope I got what you're thinking right, I just re-read what you said and maybe you might have meant something completely different

  • @psychobunny

    Actually, that makes a lot of sense.

    And then I'd just have to make sure my template looks for the extra info before defaulting to the "primary" uid stuff...

  • @psychobunny

    With regard to the SSO module, does it also create "local" data for the user or is there an expectation that the SSO provides the horizontal and the vertical there? If it does, are there recommended methods for adding the extra fields for the user?

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