Deleting Topics Different Results

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  • If I delete topic from main list, it will be greyed out and have lock icon.

    If I delete topic itself (single view), it will not show greyed out. No lock icon either.

    Odd behavior. Why are they different?

  • @peter Because you're deleting the first post of a topic, not the topic itself. Both have very different outcomes if used.

    If someone deleted the first post in a topic with 100 replies, it shouldn't delete the entire topic, just that one post. It just so happens that, if the post is the only post in the topic, the topic will be blank.

    Ideally, deleting the only post in a topic should remove that topic, but as soon as a topic has a reply, it should only delete that post. This was discussed a few months back on Github if I recall, don't think we came to a real solution.

  • @a_5mith

    deletenodebbtopic.png deletednodebbtopic2.png

    Photo #1 shows the single topic (no replies) getting deleted. Going back to the topic listings (photo #2) shows still active.

    Hope that explains it better. Maybe I'm not understanding how it should work.

  • @peter You deleted the post, not the topic. You would need to go to Topic Tools, then Delete Topic. The Delete on the post will only delete that post.

  • @a_5mith My mistake since I assumed post without any replies get deleted the same way. Back to learning more nodebb.

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