A mini guide for accepting email to your domain without a mailserver.

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  • So Mailinator have recently allowed people to use their own domain. You need an account on Mailinator, and you need to go into your Settings and supply the domain name you want to use, you then need to set an MX record in your DNS settings (cloudflare or hosting provider for @) at the nameserver they give you. Wait 24 hours or so. You can then log into Mailinator, and type in any account, if it has received an email, you can view it there.

    This is especially useful if you're trying to set up StartSSL, which requires you verify your domain with an email. So you could get an email sent to [email protected] and you can view it from mailinator. You can't reply though. Note, this is only an inbox, however you can set it up to auto forward everything to another email address if you like.

    Account is free etc. Enjoy.

  • An alternative is to use Zoho mail with your domain. One advantage over Mailinator is that it does allow you to send. Think of it as Google Apps replacement.

  • Ya zoho is good! It gives 5gb free inbox, with no ads or anything, good for beginners. Will try out mailinator as well.

  • I was using Microsoft outlook for this but they took away the free domain email and made people pay for it 😞

  • Lol and so did gmail

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