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    I have a LONG way to go here, but I thought I'd share a couple of things.

    A little bit of Lavender and Vanilla in a blender plus feature requirements from in house.

    Short version. The front page has a collapsable nested view of the Categories with the assumption that the top parent categories have no topics.


    Posts have a severe abuse of the groups behaviour to implement forum titles and badges. Badges are displayed by placing a png file with the same name as the Font Awesome icon assigned to the group in the public/images folder ( ie fa-apple.png. ) If the file is not present the normal Font Awesome icon is not displayed - it doesn't mix and match yet.


    Once I get a handle on plugins I'll probably move the badge code into a plugin. I also intend to push gravatars out into a plugin, add a custom SSO module, and add font-custom.

    The I get to the prettification. 🙂

    Oh. A link would be good.

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    Nice theme ^_^ Just a few suggestions:

    1. in the home page reduce number of columns to 3 or 2, which will increase readability.
    2. And try to incorporate a sidebar in single posts pages on the right hand side (original lavendar theme does not have it)
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    Because having a sidebar (widet enabled) would help in really increasing the bounce rate within the forum, since while reading a post, a user might come across some other recent post from some other category and click on it, etc etc.

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    I'll definitely keep that first one in mind - It seems very applicable in mobile, but on my silly-big desktop monitor I would find that it trades that for excess scrolling - I think. Certainly something to experiment with.

    And the sidebar seems a very solid thought, I'll have to look at some other themes that have done that...


    It had been a bit since I looked at the code for the child categories. The width is based ( at this time ) entirely on the the category's css class. And I've modified VERY few of those at this point - so it's very defaulty.

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    So I picked this back up for the first time in a while and found it was horrifically not functioning, so I'm starting clean against the unstable. Should be... fun..

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